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I've been a busy beaver.
There are a grand total of four new fanfics on my AO3 account, and because of this, I've realized that posting my usual header would probably make a hot mess of things.

Instead, you get the run-down!

Not Your Lois Lane is a fic in which Bill runs off to become a superhero, Lanette thinks this is a stupid idea, and shenanigans ensue, largely involving Bill getting kidnapped. Currently not proofread because the Rare Pair Challenge (which I'm writing this for) is ending today, but it will be soon, I swear. In the meantime, I apologize for how much of it looks terrible, although in my defense, it's at least better than the shit I wrote when I was twelve. Probably.

Tactlessness, in which Bebe convinces Lanette to do something stupid, and Lanette realizes for the first time just how ridiculous Bill's accent actually is.

Don't Quit Your Day Job, in which Bill reveals that he knows nothing about women or how to pick them up.

Defying Gravity. This is actually only one scene from the middle of a fic I have yet to finish. The other scenes except one are not yet written, and the unposted scene sucks like all hell. I hope to get back to this one soon because... yeah. It's supposed to be a long and detailed history fic, and I would've finished it had Not Your Lois Lane gotten in the way by being awesome and fun to write.

Feel free to be awesome and leave comments and kudos! :D

In the meantime, I am finally going back to catching up on schoolwork now that this is done because I totally did not spend half the day finishing Not Your Lois Lane. *curls up and dies*

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