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Crossposted everywhere! COMMISSIONS~!
(Yes, I know. I'm behind in literally everything as it is. BUT STILL.)


I'll be brief. Right now, I have Adobe Creative Cloud, which I'm paying $50 a month for. I just graduated from college, which means I'm now ineligible for the student and teacher editions of Adobe products. However, I want to continue making ebooks (which is something I genuinely enjoy doing), but the software I'm looking at in order to stop paying $50 a month is $1.5k. (I know. I know. It's not exactly a necessity, other than the fact that I'm hoping to continue on with awesome artsy things without worrying about monthly payments cutting into my student loan payback funds.)

In order to help alleviate that cost, I've decided to start taking commissions!

To fanfic authors out there, I design ebooks. I can create covers and layout pages exactly as you want them, from fonts to illustrations, and I can create customizable, DRM-free books that work on Nooks, Kindles, and iPads.

Covers, including vector art done by yours truly
Page layouts (Yes, I can also format fan magazines for epub!)

Tools I Use!
All tools come from Adobe Creative Cloud and are, therefore, version 6 (technically).
Page layouts via InDesign.
Vector cover art via Illustrator/extensive mousework.
Image editing (including exporting covers to image files) via Photoshop.
Code cleanup and HTML/CSS styling via Dreamwidth.
Non-Adobe tools used: Kindle Gen (for MOBI exporting)

Short stories (one-chapter* works): $4 without cover art, $6 with
Short chaptered works (2 to 15 chapters): $8 without cover art, $10 with
Long chaptered works (16+): $12+ without cover art, $15+ with **

* For script fics, poetry anthologies, collections of essays/articles (including fan magazines), please note that each scene, poem, or article could potentially count as a chapter. If I need to make a table of contents for your work, you have more than one chapter according to e-readers.

** Note: If you have a work over fifty chapters long or longer, I ask for a $1 additional charge for each chapter after your fiftieth. So for example, if your work is fifty-six chapters long, I will ask for $21 as payment.

Payment options!
PayPal only! Sorry! orz

Questions? Comments? Requests?
Feel free to PM me or comment! :D

Thanks so much for your time!

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